Optimized for our Torp Bite frame.

They were designed specifically for our TORP Bite frame but can also be used on any SRAM DUB system.

From 155 mm to 170 mm. Spindle 127 mm.

Available in lengths 155, 160, 165 and 175 mm. We are also able to make other dimensions upon request. The same applies to the spindle.

Various coloured screws

5 different colours available for the crank arms screws and the preload adjuster. Choice of black, red, green, blue and purple. The PRELOAD ADJUSTER is aluminum (not plastic).

Sram DUB. Direct mount.

The crank arms are designed for SRAM DUB bottom bracket and Direct Mount SRAM chainrings.

PRELOAD adjuster from aluminium

Its thread is directly part of the left crank. Option of color version (black, red, green, blue and purple).

Precise CNC machining. Made in Slovakia.

Honestly handmade from design to a final product. We do it with love, we enjoy it and we are proud of it.

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TORP Tornado DUB - Specification

Length 155 mm, 160 mm, 165 mm, 170 mm (other lengths on request)
Axis (spindle) 127 mm (other lengths on request)
Bottom Bracket Sram DUB (bottom bracket is not included)
Crank arms srews black, red, green, blue and purple
Chainring Sram Direct Mount (chainring is not included)
Weight Crankset 490 g (included all screws and without chainring)
Price 220 € 299 €

Spin the Tornado during your ride...

and enjoy it to the fullest...

Made in Slovakia

Designed with love and made in Slovakia. And we are proud of it.

Low weight. Set only 490 g!

Crank arms, center axle and screws
only 490 g (without chainring)

Different lengths and colors

On request, we can make different lengths for cranks and axle.

Are you interested in TORP Tornado crankset??

So go ahead and pre-order ...


Item Price  
Crankset 220 299 €
Shipping (depends on the country of delivery) 15 €  
Total 235 €  

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